Project Experience

Since 1982, CommuniQuest has provided services encompassing dispute resolution, community relations, aviation and airport consulting. Expertise in aviation consensus planning and facilitating issue resolution with local communities have become specialties of CommuniQuest.

Expertise and Experience

Project experience* Facilitator and executive director for the Airspace Users Working Group formed through Southern California Association of Governments' (SCAG) Aviation Technical Advisory Committee. Members include ALPA, AOPA, ATA, NBAA, NATA and the FAA. The purpose of this task force is to study airspace and air safety in Southern California and provide recommendations to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The group’s primary charter has been to develop a “strawman” concept to re-design airspace in the Los Angeles Basin. This proposal has been developed in conjunction with the FAA through consensus of virtually all user groups in the region as well as Washington D.C.

* Contractor to the FAA to teach FAA management personnel about community involvement. This three-day course provides training in the community involvement process as well as communication and conflict resolution skills.

* Contractor to the Federal Aviation Administration as the Community Involvement Consultant to the Heli-STAR project as part of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. CommuniQuest developed and implemented the community involvement plan, including a Steering Committee and community response and noise resolution system.

* Consultant to Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) for public participation for the LAX Master Plan. CommuniQuest responsibilities included outreach to and coordination with aviation and airlines during the LAX Master Planning Process.

* Consultant to the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport (teamed with Coffman Associates) for the public participation portion of the Airport's Part 150 Study update. The public outreach includes individual interviews with key stakeholders, a Study Advisory Committee and public workshops.

* Consultant to Williams Gateway Airport in Mesa Arizona to conduct a series of input sessions with local homeowner associations concerned with airport growth. The culmination of the input sessions will be the development of an outreach program for the airport.

* Consultant to Ventura County Department of Airports (teamed with Coffman Associates) for the public participation portion of the Part 150 Studies at both Oxnard and Camarillo Airports. The public outreach includes individual interviews with key stakeholders, the Project Advisory Committees and public workshops.

* Contractor to the FAA (teamed with Dubbink Associates) as community relations consultant for the FAA’s Aviation Noise Demonstration Systems (ANDS). CommuniQuest is evaluating the ANDS program including scripts, story boards, as well as the computerized system from the perspective of the general public. CommuniQuest also is responsible for developing a survey and expert panel to review the ANDS prototype.

* Consultant in SCAG's Aviation System Study to evaluate new sites for airport locations in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. The work scope included site evaluation and obstacle clearance analysis using the FAA’s TERPS criteria for new sites in both counties. Major focus was site selection and evaluation for an airport in east Ventura county. In addition to obstacle clearance analysis, conducted preliminary environmental analysis of several sites.

* Consultant to Ventura County Department of Airports for enhancing customer service to airport users. The work scope included stakeholder meetings, user surveys and strategy planning in conjunction with airport administration.

* Consultant to formerly knows as Los Angeles Department of Airports, now LAWA, for marketing and public relations support in developing a Quiet Jet Departure Program for Van Nuys Airport. As part of the program, held luncheon meetings with airport jet operators and obtained 100% participation from the based operators for the program. Obtained “Letters of Commitment” from 94 other jet operators across the country to fly quietly. Worked with the FAA to change the IFR departure procedures out of Van Nuys to reduce noise in local communities.

Consulting and presenting* Consultant to the City of Palm Springs to develop and implement a community liaison and public outreach program as part of the Environmental Impact Report associated with the Part 150 Study and Master Plan for the Palm Springs Regional Airport.

* Contractor to Helicopter Association International to teach a two-day course, developed by CommuniQuest, called Community Relations and Conflict Resolution, for aircraft operators and the aviation industry.

* Consultant to City of Santa Monica, California for their helicopter study at Santa Monica Airport. Provided aviation planning, facilitation and field survey work as part of their comprehensive Helicopter Study. Extensive meetings, mediated by CommuniQuest, were held with operators and community members as part of a Working Group to discuss and resolve helicopter issues at the airport.

* Consultant to Los Angeles Department of Airports to update the existing Landscape Plan for Van Nuys Airport. This entailed reviewing landscaping, setbacks, sidewalks, fencing, etc. for the airport. In addition, CommuniQuest developed design themes to be incorporated in airport signage and recommended locations for the signs.

* Consultant on SCAG’s Airport Impact Mitigation and Management study. A study to find effective performance measures and access, noise and air quality mitigation measures for balancing increased airport capacity with surrounding communities’ quality of life issues.

* Consultant to Los Angeles County (teamed with P & D Aviation) for the Fox Field Master Plan. CommuniQuest developed an updated forecast of the airport based on the FAA’s Terminal Area Forecast and the California Aviation System Study.

* Consultant to State of California to support the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) undertaken by the Division of Aeronautics. CommuniQuest’s role was to coordinate and facilitate a consensus building workshop between CalTrans and the RTPAs to determine the preferred alternative for ranking criteria within the CIP.

* Consultant to Los Angeles Department of Airports for a comprehensive helicopter survey to determine where, when and what the helicopter activity is in the vicinity of Van Nuys Airport. This survey was a seven day, 18-hour-a-day observation conducted by CommuniQuest personnel in the air traffic control tower, computer tracking facility and at two field sites for noise evaluation.

* Consultant to the Japan Heli-Network Study Committee (JHN) regarding their Highway-Heliport 600 project. The primary focus was to develop community outreach programs, and assist the Japanese in enhancing communication with local communities.

* Consultant to Los Angeles Department of Airports for the Van Nuys Airport Master Plan. CommuniQuest was responsible for the aviation portion of this land use plan as well as the extensive public participation program. The public participation portion included researching issues raised by interest groups, developing public relations material, coordinating with Master Plan Advisory Group, developing and facilitating public workshops and focus groups as well as meeting with airport staff, the consultant team, public officials, airport users and residents on an individual basis.

* Consultant on the California Aviation System Plan (CASP) Phase II for the State of California's Division of Aeronautics (teamed with Wilbur Smith Associates.) The work scope included elements within the airspace, ground access and air cargo aspects of the study. Responsible for coordinating and facilitating user workshops for input regarding System Planning throughout the State of California.

* Consultant to Los Angeles Department of Airports to develop and implement a market survey related to the use of Palmdale Regional Airport.

* Consultant to San Jose International Airport for implementing an effective soundproofing program as a result of their FAR Part 150 Study. The primary focus was to enhance communication among staff, consultants and contractors while increasing liaison with community members. Developed an effective Communication Plan to improve community understanding of future soundproofing programs.

* Consultant to Los Angeles Department of Airports for their FAR Part 150 Study at Van Nuys Airport. Contract included conducting extensive surveys to area residents on airport issues and concerns as well as conducting public workshops and public meetings.

* Conducted a survey on behalf of SCAG as part of their General Aviation Study to assess the use of general aviation airports in local and regional emergency preparedness plans.

* Consultant to the RAND Corporation for the New York Port Authority Vertiport Study, providing community relations and marketing expertise to include focus groups, surveys and citizen participation to determine community vertiport needs and concerns.

* Conducted a comprehensive helicopter environmental study at Van Nuys Airport for Los Angeles Department of Airports. The study included analyzing present helicopter activity, projected helicopter activity and recommendations for mitigation measures.

* Conducted Phase II of the Van Nuys Helicopter Study for Los Angeles Department of Airports which involved mediating a working group to gain consensus from operators and residents to implement the Phase I recommendations.

* Consultant and mediator for SCAG’s Helicopter Airspace Study with research and analysis of pilots and operators within the six-county area to determine flight altitudes, routes, safety concerns and noise abatement procedures utilized.

* Developed and coordinated a workshop on aircraft early turns at Los Angeles International Airport. Was instrumental in bringing together community members, airline representatives, chief pilots, key FAA representatives, Department of Airport staff members and chambers of commerce. The workshop was issue-resolution oriented to achieve agreement on early turn definition, mechanisms to monitor early turns and determine recommendations for corrective action.

* Formed the Helicopter Coalition Group, a working group under the auspices of SCAG’s Aviation Work Program Committee. On behalf of SCAG, developed and co-wrote a booklet called “Keys to Compatibility: A Positive Approach to Helicopter and Community Compatibility.” Requests for this booklet have been received from throughout the world.

* Conducted research and analysis for the FAA on anticipated magnitude of helicopter operations prior to the 1984 Olympics.

* Researched, developed and produced a “Helicopter Noise Mitigation Handbook” as part of the SCAG’s Helicopter Airspace Study. This handbook looks at various perspectives of helicopter issues, including community concerns, operator issues and planning requirements.

* Frequently speaks on conflict resolution and consensus planning to aviation groups, public officials and city planners. Has written a number of articles regarding aviation and community compatibility issues.

* Participated in the FAA’s LAX Helicopter Advisory Group to resolve helicopter route and altitude concerns. Worked with surrounding communities, pilots, helicopter operators and L.A. Department of Airports.

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