References and Testimonials

Experienced and ready to helpMediation References:

Mark Weiner, Michael Maguire & Associates, 818-543-4000

Steve Trolard, Steven Trolard & Associates, 805-495-8199

Ricarda Bennett, Esq., The Bennett Group, 805-496-0986

Chance Gordon, The Gordon Law Firm, 714-841-4900

Mark Levine, The Law Offices of Anthony R. Lopez & Associates, 818-779-1700

Denise Caprioli, Law Offices of David Mastan & Associates, 818-638-2058

Stephen E. Gill, M.C. Gill Corporation, 626-258-2775



"Christine Eberhard was fair, knowlegeable, courteous and was thoroughly prepared. I recommend her use as mediator without qualification" Mark Levine, Esq.

"Your presence at the meeting facilitated the communication that is so essential to the safe operations of police and media aviation professionals" Armen Dermenjain, PHPA Board

"Christine was courteous and professional. She was very clear on all procedures which allowed for a successful resolution." R. Sohngen


"ATA would like to commend you for your untiring efforts as the group's facilitator and for your executive leadership" Neil Bennett, Air Transport Association

"Your knowledge of the industry and style of delivery is the component that is missing for all of our initiatives..." Norm Mowbray, Aviation Education Partnership

"Thank you once again for facilitating our session. Your ability to "hold the space" as these important conversations took place contributed greatly to the results of our work" Gary Petersen, CAE, Airport Manager

"Chris Eberhard has a magical way of bringing people together" Pat Russell, former Los Angeles City Council President


"The Alaskan Region extends its sincere appreciation...We, and the other participants of both sessions, enjoyed your professional delivery of the training material and your thoughtful conduct of the classes. It is easy to understand your many accomplishments dealing with community involvement activities and applying conflict resolution techniques to solve the complex problems of the modern aviation industry" Andrew Billick, FAA Regional Administrator and Robert Lewis, FAA Regional Executive Director

"Thank you for being the instructor of such a thoroughly enjoyable and highly educational course...I especially appreciated your candor during our class on our concerns and abilities. I don't think it could have been better prepared or taught." James King, U.S. Border Patrol

"This workshop was a great success, thanks in large part to your involvement" Andy Cebula, Vice President, National Air Transportion Association

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